Our customers rely on Shenzhen SinMicro Technology Co., Ltd.’s core processes and capabilities to drive the success of their supply chains. Each supply chain solution we deliver is tailored to address each customer’s unique requirements, while our Shenzhen SinMicro Technology Co., Ltd. operating model recognizes all relevant OEM-to-EMS integration points.

Shenzhen SinMicro Technology Co., Ltd.’s integration framework is based on world-class service levels and core processes, customer-focused supply chain design, and a passion to succeed.


To win greater market share, our customers are focused on the latest in product design, innovation and marketing. We enhance their success by delivering supply chain capabilities and solutions that support the total product lifecycle. As part of that, our teams work closely with customers’ supply-base partners to integrate the entire supply chain.








The supply chain is an ongoing source of competitive advantage. Shenzhen SinMicro Technology Co., Ltd. continuously incorporates new innovations within supply chain operations and looks beyond opportunities for cost savings to find new sources of operational excellence.  

Time to Market  

Shenzhen SinMicro Technology Co., Ltd. provides a dedicated and focused approach to new product introduction and time to market. We provide fast-track processes for NPI purchasing and logistics. And these are combined with effective tracking and customer-focused progress reporting.  

Cost, Quality & Delivery  

Shenzhen SinMicro Technology Co., Ltd. global supply chain capabilities and integrated solutions are customized to meet customer requirements to reduce costs, maintain high quality and deliver on time.

Comprehensive Supply Chain Services  

Shenzhen SinMicro Technology Co., Ltd.’s core services include design-stage customer support, commodity sourcing, advanced planning and simulation, materials purchasing and logistics execution. Customer-specific solutions are provided in life cycle management and systems integration. We also deliver configure-to-order, global-order fulfillment programs, as well as service-parts logistics, reverse logistics and repair services.  

Flexibility, Speed & Agility  

Shenzhen SinMicro Technology Co., Ltd. leverages supply chain systems and processes, skilled personnel, and a responsive network of supply partners. This allows us to provide rapid demand-change simulation, intelligent selection of alternative demand plans and fast execution. Shenzhen SinMicro Technology Co., Ltd. focuses on intelligent flexibility for our customers.

Liability Management  

Customers can count on effective liability management and oversight, thanks to effective collaboration among Shenzhen SinMicro Technology Co., Ltd., and its customers and suppliers, as well as our Kinaxis Rapid Response and E-plenishment programs. This is supported by rigorous reporting and action plans.  


Visibility solutions are customized to support a range of requirements, including inventory visibility, MPS simulation, clear-to-build (CTB), available-to-promise (ATP), end-market demand steering, and service parts management.  

Shenzhen SinMicro Technology Co., Ltd. employs the latest vendor and material management techniques to optimize the effectiveness of the Supply Chain and reduce the total cost of ownership.  

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